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marcus johnson. the 14-year-old and another spectator were killed on saturday when arrays car flew -- a race car flew off the track at raceway park. >>> the supervisor will introduce rulely antiabortion protesters now they wanted to create a planned parenthood as this comes to special recent responses and protests at the planned parenthood at valencia street. the new zones will apply to entranceways. >>> they are still facing the real possibility they may shut down in june but the college serves almost 90,000 students and is moving ahead for the search of a new chancellor. they are expected to approve the money needed to begin that search. now it is unfinished business as it fights to stay open. c.c. if because of a panels finding has not fixed major problems because of leadership and financial planning. >>> mta is meeting about a taxi app in san francisco. they may soon require realtime information about where their cabs are and when they will be available. third-parties can connect people with the nearest available cab. right now as you can imagine catching a cab is challenging o
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1